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Welcome to ANEX


Welcome to ANEX

Global innovations at ANEX 2018

Based on innovative performance materials, Freudenberg and Japan Vilene Company will be presenting a huge variety of efficient solutions for the energy, healthcare and automobile industry. The collaboration of both companies’ R&D departments has led to the creation of many new ideas, which have been developed together with customers.


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June 6-8, 2018, booth 406

Please note the opening times of the trade fair:
June 6-8, 2018, from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m.
(The last day is until 5 pm)

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Freudenberg at ANEX

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Medical nonwovens have become an indispensable feature of modern health care:

  • Nonwoven laminates:
    unique combinations of PU-foams and hydroactive nonwovens for a significant improvement in the absorption capacity and exudate retention of wound dressings.

  • scaffolene® bioresorbable nonwoven:
    areas of therapeutic application include bio surgery, drug delivery, regenerative medicine and bioactive wound care.

  • Transdermal backing materials:
    superior elasticity in both directions, providing comfort for the wearer with a soft touch and feeling.

  • Disposable respirators
    national assay-approved, high particle removal efficiency and easy breathing.

  • Angiography drapes
    can absorb large quantities of water at high speed and provide bacteria barrier properties.

  • 3D embossed top sheet:
    Combined 3D embossing & perforation technology, enhanced fluid absorption and dryness



Tomorrow’s energy storage media will require intelligent components. Freudenberg and Japan Vilene Company can already offer the necessary solutions:

  • Performance tapes for cables:
    effective protection of cables against water penetration during their entire service life

  • Lithium-Ion battery separators:
    play a significant role in providing the safety, reliability and long working life needed in batteries

  • Redox Flow batteries:
    release stored energy at any time. Used to store energy in wind and solar power plants, for example.

  • Ni-MH HV battery separators:
    high-temperature performance, high safety reliability and a high rate of electrical charge/discharge.

  • Super-capacitor separators:
    excellent for use at high temperatures, with stable performance, higher capacity, lower resistance and rapid charge/discharge.

  • Energy-related materials:
    reduced thickness, higher uniformity, high porosity and high heat resistance



Moving with Nonwovens

  • Acoustic pads:
    lightweight pads with high acoustic performance for improved wellbeing in the car: can be used in headliners, trims, dashboards, door panels and more.

  • Underbody shield:
    lightweight, 100% recyclable material that can also to be used in closed-loop systems

  • Cargo screen:
    lightweight and VOC free innovation to cover the luggage space.

  • Headliner facings:
    plain and multicolored pattern print, sophisticated design, smooth surface, good moldability and supported by a global network (Japan, China, Korea, America and Mexico)

  • Floor mats:
    excellent design, high quality, luxurious, functional, safe and supported by a global network (Japan, America, China, Mexico, Thailand and Germany)

  • Cabin air filters:
    effective removal of exhaust gas, diesel particulates, pollen, etc. to keep passengers comfortable and increase driving safety.

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